hello, im jack

i like making things and this is where i collect a few of them.
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rites & wrongs
lofi pop

puddle of blood
grunge-punk trashcore lofi powerviolence [with thomas golding]

ambient electronic melodic noise

trip kit
post-rock-y ambient electronica

floral queen
shoe-gaze dream-pop [primarily by duncan stackhouse]

you can probably find other things by clicking around on some of those pages, too.



space weather, an edu-tainment game in which the player can control solar activity.
browser based game

doom buggies, a twin-stick shooter.
browser based game & windows download

space wreck, a zero-gravity platformer.
made for the uk nerd punx 2017 summer game-jam, in collaboration with jed josh edwards.
windows only



i obtained a msci in astrophysics from ucl in 2012
and a phd in astrophysics joint sponsored by ucl/mssl and mps in 2016.
i held a postdoc position at ita, uio in 2016 (january - september)
and was employed as a research fellow for esa (october 2016 - october 2017).

my phd thesis is available for download:
mass and magnetic field of eruptive solar filaments

i have authored and co-authored a few papers:
the non-linear growth of the magnetic rayleigh-taylor instability, 2017, a&a
investigating the dynamics and density evolution of returning plasma blobs from the 2011 june 7 eruption, 2014, apj
understanding the role of mass-unloading in filament eruptions, 2017, solphys
coronal magnetic reconnection driven by cme expansion - the 2011 june 7 event, 2014, apj
plasma composition in a sigmoidal anemone active region, 2013, apj



a successful failure music video

these electrons are free music video






about me

dr jack carlyle
born in london in 1987
i teach science in a london comprehensive

you can email me at jckcrll(at)gmail.com
or check out my linkedin profile

copyright jckcrll 1987 - 2019 dont steal my stuff without asking thx