Jack Carlyle

Educator, astrophysicist, musician.



I have always been extremely enthusiastic about science outreach, by delivering public talks, helping to organise events, and creating content online. Check out some of the things I've made below, and let me know if you're interested in arranging something with me!

Physics Bites
  An educational YouTube channel aimed at making Physics accesible to everyone.

Space Weather
  A game designed to show the basics of how CMEs cause aurora.

Prominences & Filaments
  A blog post I wrote for iSun|trek describing solar phenomena.

Public Talks:
  I am available to deliver a 45 minute presentation on an introduction to space weather. I have given this talk many times and received wonderful feedback from audiences ranging from primary school children to adults working in scientific fields. Accessible, interesting, and informative, please get in touch if you would like to arrange an event.
  Currently none scheduled.



Here is a selection of some of the music I have made.
My music is available for licensing and I am available for composition commission - feel free to get in touch.

  Horror-themed soundtrack music.

Deus Ex Communication
  Ambient drone.

Rites & Wrongs
  Lo-fi pop.

Puddle of Blood
  Grunge-punk trashcore lofi powerviolence, made with thomas golding [warning: explicit content].

Sun bleach
  Harsh ambient.

  Melodic noise.

Trip kit
  Post-rock ambient electronica.



Once upon a time, I was an astrophysicist.
I obtained a phd joint sponsored by UCL/MSSL and MPS in 2016.
I held a postdoc position at ITA, UiO in 2016 (January - September).
I was employed as a research fellow for ESA (October 2016 - October 2017).

My phd thesis is available for download:
Mass and Magnetic Field of Eruptive Solar Filaments

I have authored and co-authored a few papers:
The non-linear growth of the magnetic rayleigh-taylor instability, 2017, A&A
Investigating the dynamics and density evolution of returning plasma blobs from the 2011 june 7 eruption, 2014, ApJ
Understanding the role of mass-unloading in filament eruptions, 2017, Solphys
Coronal magnetic reconnection driven by CME expansion - the 2011 june 7 event, 2014, ApJ
Plasma composition in a sigmoidal anemone active region, 2013, ApJ



jckcrll at gmail dot com